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Our Philosophy

Residence La Rò and Fanes Group today represents an appreciated brand featuring an international  customer base. The group offers several solutions in different sectors such as accommodation and food services, food production as well as sales and rental. Despite the great success we are all firmly determined to maintain and enhance ancient traditions and customs. Particular attention is paid on traditional handicraft, environmental-friendly activity, sustainability as well as corporate social responsibility during each of the single phases of the value chain.

Each business, from the farm to the 4*S Dolomiti Wellness Hotel Fanes are all characterized by simple elegance, traditional but at the same time modern facilities in order to ensure an exclusive stay in a familiar ambience.

This is also reflected in the company's philosophy of each business: love for animals, passion for agriculture, healthy nutrition and sustainable foodstuff production. These are the things that daily guarantee the well-being of our guest and the protection of the environment.

At the Majun da Pcëi for example, the nutritional requirements of dairy cows are always accurately calculated whereas the free-range husbandry is preferred. As a result we get excellent raw materials which are further processed and transformed into internationally acclaimed products.

Also the exclusive use of renewable energies is an important part of the Fanes Group's business philosophy.
In fact, the goal of each activity is to reach a 100% sustainability. The interaction of photovoltaic technology, biogas production as well as the the sewage treatment plant guarantee that there won't be a single litre of water which will be wasted and the environment won't be polluted.

The energy required for food production is obtained from photovoltaic panels together with an innovative biogas system: it produces up to 300 kW / h and up to 0.7 mW / per year. The energy needs of the farm are in this way completely covered.

Most of the buildings concerning the Fanes Group are CasaClima A + certified and guarantee the strict observance of specific standards in terms of insulation and heat.

Thanks to the efforts of many, in 2008, the corporate social responsibility has been highlighted once more. San Francisco for example has been the seat of an important charity event in favour of the many victims and refugees in Darfur. Heart-shaped, with red-wax covered cheeses were manufactured especially for this event. The proceed has been donated.

“A heart for Darfur” is just one of the many activities included in the Fanes Group's corporate social responsibility.

It seems like here, in the heart of the Val Badia - declared Unesco world heritage - dreams come true. In our big farm we do rediscover ancient cultures and traditions, we do enhance natural resources and avoid waste. What really remains, is the love for nature, that for animals and of course sincere hospitality.